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Seedling is a subscription service offered by Rooted that provides children and adults with the opportunity to learn about farming and growing their own food. With Seedling, you'll receive a kit that includes everything you need to start your own farm at home. Our kits come with easy-to-follow instructions, and we offer online resources and support to help you along the way. Seedling is the perfect way to introduce yourself and your family to the joys of farming and growing your own food.

How it works 


From first time grower to farm wizard

​Start your farming journey with our programme! Split across 3 levels of complexity, from basic plant care to advanced beekeeping and Fungiculture, learn to create a farm ecosystem at home.


Farming Rookie

An introduction to basic nurturing and caring of plant


Seedling Steward

Learning to create a farm ecosystem


Nifty Ninja

Learning modern techniques and setting your home farm with gadgets(precision farming)

Powered by an app

Our accompanying app guides children through the kit, providing video tutorials on how to use it and start building their own farm at home. Each box comes with a dedicated guide and program, and the app also showcases additional learning opportunities and connections to other subjects.

Follow Guided Tutorials

Our program is thoughtfully designed to guide children through the farming process while also keeping them engaged and interested. Through our interactive content, children can learn about farming in a fun and hands-on way, fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation for sustainable agriculture.


Peer - Platform

Our peer platform allows children to connect with other young farmers in our community. Here, they can share updates on their progress, ask for guidance, and like and comment on each other's posts. To keep things exciting, we limit likes to 5 per day and award gifts based on the number of likes received at the end of that kit.


Ready to re-build agriculture legacy?

Join the subscription !

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