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Terra is a service offered by Rooted that allows people to rent out plots of land to grow their own food. We believe that everyone should have access to fresh, healthy, and locally grown food, and Terra provides a way for people to take control of their food supply. With Terra, you'll have access to a plot of land where you can grow your own fruits, vegetables, and herbs. We provide support and resources to help you get started, and we offer community events to help you learn more about sustainable farming practices and to connect with other Youth farmers who own a plot with us in Terra.


How it works 


Get your hands dirty and connect with your food at Terra, where you can grow your own plot and cultivate a relationship with local farmers!

Terra offers a unique service for individuals who want to experience farming as a hobby, passion or part-time activity. Our service provides farm plots for rent, along with farmer guidance and support. We understand that life can be busy, so we offer the convenience of having the farmer take care of the farm plot on days when you are unable to visit. Additionally, if you are unable to come to the farm to collect your harvest, we will ship it to your home. To ensure the quality of our service, a separate fee will be charged for the farmer's assistance in your absence. Our service fosters an exchange of knowledge and skills between users and farmers, while building personal connections with the food that is grown.

Powered by an app

Our service is supported by a mobile app that helps users with everything from learning what and when to plant to keeping track of their crops. The app is a key element that keeps our farmers and members connected, even when they are away from the farm.


Plan and Plant with Ease

Our user-friendly app simplifies the process of choosing and planning your farm plot. After selecting your preferred plot, you can indicate the area you want to plant and when to do so. Our app provides a crop list based on the weather and soil type of your farm plot, and calculates the required amount of seed, fertilisers, and organic pesticides, which can be added to your cart. Whether you're new or experienced, Terra makes farming easy.

Stay Connected with Your Farm

Stay Connected and Updated with Our App for Seamless Communication Between You and Your Farmer! Our app allows you to easily update what has been done on the farm or what you would like the farmer to do, and even indicate if you will be coming to the farm or not. This helps your farmer to plan their work accordingly, ensuring a seamless farming experience for both parties.


Ready to roll up your sleeves and grow your own food?

Join Terra now!

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